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Developing your own brand can be a scary endeavour. Knowing where to start and who to hire can be a confusing and intimidating experience. After all, you’re spending your money to develop something you arent sure will work.


Hiring a skilled, experience designer who educates themselves on you and your business is invaluable. A designer who is also a business person understands why you need what you need and will find the right solutions for your unique problems. In addition, the right relationship will help you to implement and build confidence in your designs.

Developing a strong

brand starts with a

designer who knows how. 

Having confidence in your brand design starts with confidence in its designer.


“ I love when my clients respect and love my ideas and artwork. I find my best working relationships are with this type of client. Furthermore, I find those are my most successful clients as well! “

portrait of david shearer

- David


As a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist, I bring many skillsets to the table. I’ve spent years and years developing my understanding and abilities. Here are some areas I know well.


Concept Art



3D Modeling 

3D Rendering

Web Design






Logo Design

Brand Design


Brochure Design

Business Card Design

Booth Graphics

Product Design

Product Photography

Graphic Design Workspace

Thats great Dave

What do I get out of it?

Being so versatile in many design disciplines means understanding and solving problems I’ve never faced before. As a result, I am confident in finding solutions and making things look good no matter the project.


Having a sound designer at your beck and call is fantastic; it’s like running a truck delivery business with a mechanic shop attached. Without good design on your side, the organism which is your business is missing an organ. It's fair to say that a design audit could also reveal that some of your current design tools are lacking and worth revisiting.



of professional

graphic design




experience as

an artist



as a




of projects

branding, products,

ads, conceptual designs,

and so much more!


David is an amazingly versatile artist and brand developer. I've worked with him on several projects and have found myself not only satisfied but excited about his work and what it meant for my business.

~ Alex Bouchard. P. Eng @ Bouchard.Associates


My career as an artist doesn't stop at graphic design. As a young artist, I was amazed at how difficult it was to learn to draw well. I watched as everyone I knew stopped drawing, except me. Throughout school, I met the odd artist who kept up the practice but overall, everyone quit. It was too hard. 

I knew there was a solution out there, an answer for all the people who might wish to draw but will never again pick up a pencil.

Inventor of the world's first

reverse colouring book!

The idea is simple. It is the opposite of a colouring book. A colouring book makes colouring simple for everyone, and society understands this. Rather than colouring in pre-drawn lines, my Kopia books and pages give you pre-coloured illustrations that you get to draw! 

I wanted something just as effortless as a colouring book, but for drawing!

The benefits turned out to be amazing!

We had no idea, at first, that this tool could be used to help children learn to focus, develop confidence, emotionally self-regulate, and actually learn to draw through shape familiarity and active participation in drawing. 


Davidtheartist is what my clients call me, so it made good sense to use that as my brand. I love providing brand design, illustration and concept art, and graphic design services. I've been developing my artistic skillsets since I was little and can't see myself doing anything else!

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